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Why Cenote Azul is your best choice?


As we previously mentioned, we are a Mexican enterprise funded by young Mexican who have believed in this area and have worked for many years in the tourism industry. So, we can ensure you we know the best options and we will find the way to meet and go beyond your expectations.


At your service with:


The most prepared representatives, chauffeurs, and tour guides; a very personalized and professional service.

We handle Spanish as well as Italian and English tour operators.


Transportation by comfortable air-conditioned Van vehicles.


We pick you up and we take you back to most of the hotels through Mayan Riviera

We work with the greatest retailers and collectives from the area.


Certainly there are some other reasons for you to select this service.


Please plan your trip in advance.


Cenote Azul offers you the great advantage of planning your outing in advance, so that you will enjoy your trip from the first day. For general information, questions or help on planning activities call or e-mail we are eager to help you.


The right prices


We offer you top quality at the right prices


Those are generally the options to choose an outing at Mayan Riviera


a) Book through the distributor at the hotel.


b) Surely, when you arrive or on your way to the hotel the distributors will try to sell you their services. They will also try to arrange a date for the next day in order to show you their products, they will obviously say they are the best option but sadly the will not tell you all the disadvantages. For instance, they guided groups are over 50 people, which reduce the service value. Those representatives will offer you the most convenient services for them not for you. Services, where they receive a higher commission and at last but not least those which prices are exaggerated and the highest. Mayan Riviera is not the cheapest destination, that is for sure, but some representatives tripled the cost of the excursions, many of those services are the ones we handle with the same retailers and at the same places so there is no need to pay more.


c) There is a very wide variety of sellers who you will find on the beaches or streets. The majority of them are not authorized to and work with fake companies so they do not fulfill the necessary requirements. Please, never give money to one of these people, it is sad when you trust then you realized you have lost your money or that the offered service is not what you expected. You also may find time-share sellers who even when they are legally established and offer unbeatable prices please think twice; they will ask you to give your credit card details and attend twenty-minute reunions, which surely will last the whole day. Finally the price will not be so attractive.




Security and certainty Guarantee


Cenote Azul is a legitimate enterprise with all the ethical standards as well as people working owns licenses, certificates and insurances to provide tourists services not only at Mayan Riviera but also throughout all Mexican territory. Even though we are specialized in Mayan Riviera.


 A wide variety of outings


We have the most popular excursions, in case you are looking for something different or especial that does not feature in our list, please ask; we can surely help you.


 Honest recommendations


First and foremost the truth. We offer and recommend you what you are interested in. We put ourselves in your shoes so as to provide you with the best advice and options. Our main objective is the customer satisfaction so that you can advise your friends and relatives to contract our services.


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* Prices subject to change without notice due to external factors such as monetary valuations, financial changes, drastic changes in the exchange rate among others.

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