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Frecuently Asked Questions

1. How do I pay for my tours?


Accepted payment methods

PayPal Logo through our web page www.cenoteazultours.com you are accepted to pay in Mexican pesos, American dollars and euros.


CREDIT CARD (VISA and MASTERCARD) You can pay directly in our Playa del Carmen office; the charge is made in pesos and you are also charged an additional 5%. We cannot charge any amount once you have left the main office.1


CASH PAYMENT Mexican pesos, American dollars and Euros are accepted.

Standard prices are set up in American dollars. The rate change is variable according to the payment date as well as the rate for Mexican pesos and euros at our local bank.


You are allowed to pay some excursions and tours when you set off, but some others such as visits to Xcaret, Xplor Xelha parks and swim with dolphin must be prepaid. If you do not want to use PayPal Logo or you cannot come to our office just to settle this tariff, we strongly recommend you to arrange first those excursions and trips which can be paid at the beginning so that you would have the opportunity to meet the charges for the tours which need to be prepaid.


2. How many people are allowed on excursions groups? What is the kind of transport used?


People on excursions depend on the season. However, they are usually from 8 to 25 maximum. Visitors are carried by Vans; all the transportation provided is air-conditioned; we use, for instance, Renault traffic, Ford ecoline, Toyota hiace or Mercedes Benz sprinter.


3. What are the cancellation policies?


The 50% amount of money required is considered as a deposit to book. We need at least 72 hours' notice of cancellation to refund the full amount. Otherwise we will ask you to show a medical prescription with today´s date. You always have the option to fix a new date for you trip according to availability.


4. What if we face bad weather?


It is difficult to cancel any excursion due to rain, this area is rainy throughout the year but in occasions it rains in the hotel area but not in our destination. Some other times it just rains four a couple of minutes. Only when the captaincy establishes, when there is a hurricane alert or mayor rainstorm overseas, outings will be put at risk. In those cases all the money is refundable or you can fix a different date for your trip.


5. What if I am interested in a 6-people minimum trip but we are only two visitors?


You should not be worried about it, there are some other people in the same situation. Contact us and we can gather people and arrange groups at you convenience date. If the group would not be fixed you are going to be offered an alternative trip.


6. What should I carry when going on my outings?


You are recommended to wear cotton made clothes in light colours. Sneakers are the best when visiting archeological sites and sandals for overseas outings. It is better if you wear your swimsuit under your clothes. Do not forget to take a set of clean clothes with you as well as a cap or a sun hat because the sun is mostly blazing hot. Towel, a bottle of water and your camera are other important items.

In some places such as Coba, where the rain forest is so dense, we advise you to carry some insect repellent.

It is also important to take some ready money in local currency with you. In case you have to pay not included expenses such as drinks, natural-protected areas taxes, souvenirs or tips.


7. Where do I get biodegradable sunblock?


There are different brands which offer this. We can offer you Maya Solar, which is 8usd, accepted in all area sites. If you are interested in buying one, please let us know during your reservation so that we can provide it to you the very day of the excursion.



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